Central receiving of invoices
In the business relationship between industry and METRO GROUP sales lines, 60.000 to 100.000 invoices have to be handled daily. Handling this invoice volume economically and efficiently is a challenge which results in significant advantages for all participants in the process chain.

National and international service provider in the field of invoice handling Due to permanent process development in the field of invoice handling, the handling cost per invoice was considerably reduced parallel to an increase of the invoice volume. In the digital archive of MGP 200 million invoice documents are provided online for the sales lines. The target is to make all the invoice documents digitally available. For this reason the EDI procedures (Electronic Data Interchange) for paperless invoice handling are forced to be used consequently. Currently approx. 85 percent of the goods invoices are handled per EDI. Based on the success in Germany MGP has offered its services to the international METRO GROUP sales lines since the beginning of 2003.

MGP services are supporting invoice checking processes in the METRO GROUP sales lines Due to MGP′s supporting services substantial improvements in the invoice approval systems have been achieved. In this connection, with the collected invoice data and the digital archive MGP strongly contributes to a largely automated invoice checking process.
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